Which one of these describes your site?

icon for you have a site  You have a website, and it's doing great.

Congratulations! Just keep in mind that things move fast in the Web world. You might want stand back and make sure your site is doing what you want it to. It’s never too late to double check your strategy and that all the pieces are in place.

icon for brochureware  It’s only brochureware.

In the early days of the Web it was all brochureware—just text and images. But the Web has come a long way and now sites can be dynamic and interactive. They can be places of community, dialog, commerce, knowledge, organization, and news. Maybe it’s time to rethink your content and how people interact with your site.

icon for out of style  It's not in style.

This can happen easily, especially as trends come and go so quickly. It even happens to us, and we’re in the business! A general rule of thumb: after threes years your site will probably begin to show it’s age.

icon for out of date  Your content is out of date.

Websites do require attention to keep them relevant. However, with a website you have such an advantage over other media, like print, because it is so easy to update. Make sure you have a content strategy and the tools to execute it to keep your site fresh.

icon for seo  You want more traffic to your site.

This is the marketing part. People will not discover your site unless you make a concerted effort. And once they are there, you need to keep them there and get them to act. From Web optimization, to pull marketing, to engaging content, to clear navigation—make sure you’re not overlooking anything.

icon for what to do  You’re not sure what you need to do.

Maybe you're not sure what your site should be doing, how it’s performing, or what steps you should be taking to have the most effective site. Sometimes it really helps to have another set of eyes take a look, so consider our free audit.

1. Put your website to the test.

2. Read answers to your questions.

3. Ten things to make your site better.

What is in the audit?

Great question. Even though it's free, you should know how it works and what you'll receive from us. We'd love to start with a short phone interview (optional) so we can learn a little bit about your company or organization. Then we'll follow it up with a written summary, then some suggestions and recommendations. Here's what's included:

Phone interview

  • history
  • brand and culture
  • objectives
  • purpose of site


  • use of Web conventions
  • style and trends
  • typography
  • support of brand
  • imagery and photos


  • clarity of message
  • call to action
  • style and tone

User experience

  • menus
  • other navigation
  • search function
  • site map
  • friendliness
  • forms


  • intro text
  • page titles
  • alt tags
  • keywords
  • repetition and uniqueness
  • description
  • Analytics
  • Webmaster


  • CMS
  • logins for management accounts


  • signups
  • contact data
  • inbound options

Social Equity

  • blog and posts
  • use of social media