Does your website pass the test?

Is your website working for you as effectively as it could? Take this little test to see if
there are any major areas of your website that need attention. (Check the boxes if "yes")






You have a long-term Web strategy with goals and a plan to reach them

Make sure your website is doing the job. ➜

You have redesigned or refreshed your site within the past 2 years.

Design trends and technology are changing. ➜

Your site has an online way for visitors to respond.

Start that important conversation. ➜

Your site is optimized for search engines for good page rankings.

If you build it, they may not come. ➜





Visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Maybe it's time to rethink your navigation. ➜

All your content, text, and pictures are up-to-date

People can spot a neglected site. ➜

Your site can be used on a smart phone or tablet.

Mobile devices are the new browsers. ➜

Your site integrates with social media, like Twitter and Facebook

The new brand is what people are saying about you. ➜

For extra credit: if you blog, you've posted an article in the last month.

So many blogs, so few postings. ➜

What is in the audit?

Great question. Even though it's free, you should know how it works and what you'll receive from us. We'd love to start with a short phone interview (optional) so we can learn a little bit about your company or organization. Then we'll follow it up with a written summary and some suggestions and recommendations. Here's what's included:

Phone interview

  • history
  • brand and culture
  • objectives
  • purpose of site


  • use of Web conventions
  • style and trends
  • typography
  • support of brand
  • imagery and photos


  • clarity of message
  • call to action
  • style and tone

User experience

  • menus
  • other navigation
  • search function
  • site map
  • friendliness
  • forms


  • intro text
  • page titles
  • alt tags
  • keywords
  • repetition and uniqueness
  • description
  • Analytics
  • Webmaster


  • CMS
  • logins for management accounts


  • signups
  • contact data
  • inbound options

Social Equity

  • blog and posts
  • use of social media