Introduced the concept of "trade dress"

Wheaton Academy trade dress

Wheaton Academy 


Unable to find the right candidate, in the fall of 2017 Highgate Creative was asked to become, in essence, the school's marketing department until a full-time person came along. So, for a rewarding 8 months we became part of the warp and woof of the Academy. They never had a marketing or communications department, so we created this internal organization and gave it presence and mission to serve the various departments of the school (Admissions, Development, etc.) in a type of client-vendor relationship, providing: marketing strategy, branding, design and production, website and social media direction, consultation, even oversight of their staff designer.


New site built from the ground up



Branding the Wheaton Academy Institute

We also had the opportunity to help develop and monetize assets of the school under the banner of the Wheaton Academy Institute, to give other schools access to some of the tools that made the Academy successful.


Environmental Graphics (in progress)