Trappist Caskets

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In 1849, a group of Trappist monks emigrated from Ireland to Dubuque, Iowa, where they founded New Melleray Abbey. The monks follow the ancient monastic Rule of St. Benedict to lead a life of prayer, liturgy, and manual labor. At New Melleray, the monks labor to produce wooden caskets made from trees grown in the sustainable forest on their Abbey grounds. In 2014, the monks approached us with a request to help them sell their caskets.



After a trip to visit the abbey workshop, we set out to create an online catalog experience that is both simple and comforting. The site and branding needed to represent the prayerful, contemplative attitude of the monks and the history behind their work. 


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Since building the Trappist Caskets site, we've gone on to market their product in print. From newspaper and magazine ads to point of purchase display, we've enjoyed sharing about the beautiful and sacred work done by the monks of New Melleray.


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