How can I reach millennials on social media?

Recently, we had some clients ask us to coach them on how to reach millennials with social media. Here’s what our resident millennial said:

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

Instagram is definitely the place to start reaching more millennials. But Instagram is like your website: just because you have it doesn’t mean people will come. You have to be strategic about posting if you want to be found.


Whoever manages your account should use lots of hashtags. Up to 30 hashtags are allowed on every post. Hashtags make it easy for new people to find and follow you because people use hashtags to search for the topics they’re interested in.

It’s a community.

Connect with your followers by tagging them and liking their posts. You could even ask them to tag their friends ( i.e. “Tag a friend who you want to share our candy with!”). Ask customers to show off their photos of your products (you could even host a photo contest: just ask everyone to use the same hashtag on their submissions). And always respond to comments even if they’re negative! People like to know that you’re listening.

More posting ideas:

If you need ideas, here's a quick list to get your started:

  • Take pictures of your process.
  • Show off finished projects.
  • Brag about your awesome employees.
  • Include short video loops.
  • Post exclusive deals for your Instagram followers.

For even more ideas, check out this list on Wishpond!

Let people know you're on Instagram.

You might consider introducing your Instagram account on your Facebook page or in an eblast just to make your existing customer base aware of it. Include a few fun pictures in the eblast just to peak people’s curiosity. A lot of your older customers probably use Facebook rather than Instagram, but younger people are going to be more active on Instagram. After the eblast, try to capture new followers using hashtags.

I don’t expect this to translate into immediate sales, but it does puts you on the millennial radar.

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