Highgate Station

After being Bradford Cathey Design for years, Brad wanted to give his employees a little more ownership, even if only figuratively, by using a more generic name. An unplanned encounter with a London Underground map provided just the inspiration that was needed. Two words seemed to stick. “Highgate” is a neighborhood straight north of central London, and considered the traditional home to London’s literary crowd. There are a few stops with “Cross” in them, Charing Cross and King’s Cross to name a few. So, incorporated as Highgate Cross+Cathey, Ltd. in the 1980’s.

We recently dropped the "Cross" and replaced it with "Creative" after taking a long draught of our own medicine. We feel our current moniker speaks to the core of who we are and what we do—that being, design and visual communications that change behavior. The communicative name is now, simply, Highgate Creative, or just Highgate (we avoid “HCC”—initials are bad branding).