Highgate History

Highgate Creative was founded in 1978 as a traditional graphic design firm in Wheaton, Illinois, well before the advent of laptop computers, smart phones, or the Internet. The media we used back then was limited to print: brochures, posters, ads, exhibits, annual reports, direct mail, newsletters, and books. It was all one way communication.

Soon after computers replaced the T-squares on our desks, the Web exploded on the scene and changed all that. While our very first sites were simple “brochureware,” Web technology developed at an exponential pace and soon everyone could update their websites on-the-fly and receive feedback from their visitors in real time.

However, this technology put a burden on the “artist” in us. But Highgate made a conscious choice not be held back and to develop the ability to deliver their clients’ messages using whatever technology was best: whether it be a print piece or a website. So we hired both: designers and programmers.

In the over 30 years Highgate has been in business, we’ve served a wide range of clients—from Fortune 500 companies to local churches to one-person businesses—through branding, identity (logos), print, Web sites and applications, working to develop a clear strategy, a persuasive message, a targeted delivery, and measurable results.