Two technical pieces of business to deal with

Design, navigation, and content are definitely the most important aspects of your site, but there are two technical considerations: the underlying platform it is built on, and where it resides. The platform is usually referred to as the CMS, or Content Management System. There are basically two types: proprietary and self-hosted, and open-source and individually hosted. As in most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to each, but a protracted conversation we can have later. We'd like to tell your preferred approach and then we can discuss options with you later. 

Highsite: made for ease of understanding

Most CMS's available to the developer today are built around the publishing model: you write and post articles, not pages. Great for news sites, but probably not for yours. Highsite, our own CMS, has adopted the pages model. Most of think of websites has having pages, not articles. We honor that approach for the sake of ease. And like all CMS's, it allows you change your content, add pages, upload pictures, build galleries, and lots of other cool stuff with out knowing anything about coding or programming. Basically, you don't always have to call us if you need to make a change (but we're still here if you need us). Checkout the video:

Secure, reliable, responsive hosting

We prefer to host your site on our own dedicated servers that reside in locked down data center. Why? Because we are dedicated to security and keeping your site up (we have a marvelous record) and having our own server allows us to do that with a vengeance. We keep all the software up-to-date, make hourly and nightly backups, and have all kinds of bells and whistles go off should anything go wrong, 24/7.  

Basically, when you host with Highgate you get your own Webmaster. You don't have to find anyone else to help you with things like your domain name (your Web address), Web hosting (the place where your Web site resides), backups, or any tweaks and maintenance. We are available to help you and answer your questions almost anytime of the day, on any day of the week.