What is Branding?

Your brand is more than just a logo. Your brand is everything your audience sees, says, and thinks about you: your name, logo, colors, culture, quality, personality…even how the phone gets answered. It’s how you look, act, perform, and treat people. It's what people think of when they hear your name. 

Branding is everything about who you are


Brand is used to describe how aware people are of the organization/service/product, but more importantly, how they feel about it.

Brand (Strength) = Awareness + Meaning

Awareness is how recognizable you are (especially in a crowded market), how mindful they are of your existence and what it is that you can offer them, and finally how influential your existence is in changing their behavior.

Meaning is formed by 1) trust—which can create loyalty, 2) perception—what are their expectations based on reputation, 3) emotion—which can bring pride, community, and 4) attraction—or, desire.

Putting branding principles to work within an organization can have both internal and external impact. Internally—brand can drive vision, purpose, and best practices. Externally—it will increase both awareness and meaning among customers and potential audiences.


What can you do to create
awareness and meaning?

Any efforts you make must be driven by first answering the questions: What do you do? How do you do it? And most importantly, Why do you do it?

The answers will help you 1) differentiate yourself from the competition, 2) form and articulate your message and presence, and 3) provide the purpose and incentive to execute the brand faithfully through the way you render your services and/or make your products.

Highgate can guide you though the process of uncovering your answers to these questions and help you form a strategy to move your brand toward awareness and meaning.

Schedule a consultation with us and we'll explain a little bit more about brand and how it can help your business.


How we've helped others:

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What we can do for your Brand:

Brand Consultation

Want to know more? We've love to meet with you to explain all the ways that brand can help your business, and to hear more about your brand. Schedule yours now >

Branding Workshop

This is where we'll get everyone at your organization in a room to talk about your brand together. Our objective in these workshops is help you learn more about your brand from your own people, and teach them how to participate in making your brand better.

Brand Strategy

AFter listening to you, we will propose a strategy and let you know what the strengths, weaknesses, and missing pieces of your brand are.


Need a new name? We can help you brainstorm and work with you to come up with just the right one.

Logos & Identity

This is where our design experience comes in. We'll help you develop the right logo, colors, trade dress, and overall identity to match your brand.

Branding Guidelines

Once we've solidified your new brand, we put together a set of branding guidelines and graphic standards for you to use, reference, and distribute to employees or vendors.